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We pride ourselves on offering the perfect blend of creativity, experience, and flexibility that makes us a top creative force in the industry. Our company was founded by over 25 year industry veteran, Brian Eimer in 2004. Brian has devoted his entire career to providing creative excellence in audio post production for TV, feature film, large format (IMAX) and special venue.

111 Peter Street, Suite 510 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2H1



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nextLAB now at ImagesInSound

nextLAB Dailies now available in Toronto

Innovative dailies processing, empowering productions to control, manage and enhance your next project. nextLAB by Fotokem - A product built on legacy. Nextlab is a powerful and impactful system for the future of filmmaking. The digitization of the dailies process allows for more efficient collaboration and decision-making, and its advanced color grading tools can enhance the visual aesthetic of a film. In our experiences we've seen expanding needs which is why nextLab includes automated sound sync, transcode, and distribution lists to name a few, allowing for flexibility to present your footage to those who need to review and comment. Multiple other processes, for example LUTs, can be applied in a totally non-destructive way, allowing DPs, editors and production execs to review footage and make creative comments before you get to post production. Connect with us to see what all of the hype is about - info@imagesinsound.com...