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We pride ourselves on offering the perfect blend of creativity, experience, and flexibility that makes us a top creative force in the industry. Our company was founded by over 25 year industry veteran, Brian Eimer in 2004. Brian has devoted his entire career to providing creative excellence in audio post production for TV, feature film, large format (IMAX) and special venue.

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Large Format / IMAX

Large Format / IMAX

Big picture means big sound 

As visually stimulating as large format (IMAX) 3D is, it relies on equally impactful audio to complete the  experience. With this style of filmmaking, the textures and placement of sound can bring your audience inside the  film, making them part of the adventure. Our studio, Theatre A, is designed to the latest IMAX 12.0, and  Dolby ATMOS specifications.

We continue to win awards for original sound design and look forward to the opportunity to show you how we inject  our experience, creativity and technical proficiency into the soundtrack of your large format (IMAX) film.


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Recent completed projects:

Dinosaurs of the Antarctic (2020) Apollo 11 (2019) Backyard Wilderness (2018)


Tiger Tiger, Wings over Water


Sound Design


November 4, 2020