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We pride ourselves on offering the perfect blend of creativity, experience, and flexibility that makes us a top creative force in the industry. Our company was founded by over 25 year industry veteran, Brian Eimer in 2004. Brian has devoted his entire career to providing creative excellence in audio post production for TV, feature film, large format (IMAX) and special venue.

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Oiart – Alumni – Brian Eimer

Oiart – Alumni – Brian Eimer

A Sound Editor and Mixer for pictures, Brian Eimer won his fourth Motion Picture Sound Editors’ guild Golden Reel Award in 2016 for “Best Sound Editing: Special Venue” for the IMAX film, “Journey to Space,” narrated by Star Trek; The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart. A graduate of OIART’s recording production program in 1989, his first job after OIART was assistant recording engineer at one of Toronto’s first post production houses, The Master’s Workshop. After that studio went out of business, Brian saw the opportunity to open his own facility, which became ImagesInSound, a 3,300-square-foot post audio facility in downtown Toronto. There, he oversees a staff of three engineers who sound edit and mix audio for shows like Survivor Man, True Stories, Mayday, Psychic Investigators, Property Virgins, and World’s Greenest Homes.

One of Brian’s specialties is sound editing and mixing for large format IMAX films such as Journey to Space and Titans of the Ice Age. “The screen is just so big,” he says. “The sound needs to keep up with that and placement is a strong issue. In 3D, the viewers are in the film. The sound needs be to spot on or the illusion will be broken.” Eimer’s advice to anyone looking to get into audio post production? “You need to soak up as much of the experience as you can, because there’s a lot of knowledge out there in the industry. That’s where being around the guys at OIART really pays off. They can teach you skills you can’t get anywhere else.”

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